Blogging Tips

Blogs are quickly growing in popularity and more businesses, organizations and politicians are realizing the impact bloggers can have on them. When trying to gain information about public opinion, bloggers are one of the first sources people turn to. For example, recently featured an article on what bloggers think about the congressional vote to repeal gays in the military ban.

The influence of a blogger can be great so it’s important to know how to gain a blogger’s support. According to, many PR practitioners are pitching bloggers the wrong way. It says that one of the biggest mistakes practitioners are making is pitching stories that are not relevant to the blogger’s audience. So it is important to research bloggers and find the one that is the best fit for your story. recently featured 21 tips on how to pitch bloggers that I found helpful. Some of the tips included to be an active follower of the blogger who you are interested in pitching an idea, avoid press releases, and give them an exclusive. The article suggests “Comment first, Pitch later. It’s a good way to get to know the opinions of the blogger and shows the blogger that your not just about “taking” but you are also willing to “give”. Influential bloggers receive thousands of press releases everyday so it better to contact the blogger and express why what you are pitching would be a good fit to their blog. Bloggers love to break stories because it helps them build traffic, so if you provide the blogger with an exclusive they are a lot more likely to write about your story. Having an influential blogger feature your story can draw a lot of attention to your business or organization so using the proper pitching techniques is essential.


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