Effective Emails

As technology continues to transform the business world, email is growing to be the communication method of choice. As PR student, it is important to become connected with other professionals, for networking and for gaining valuable information. I have recently been searching for an internship and although as college student I have used email to communicate with my professors, I now see how useful it can be in communicating with my peers and PR professionals about possible opportunities.

Writing an email to a professional can be intimidating, so take the time to make sure you are writing an effective email. According to a article by Dennis G. Jerz, Associate Professor at Seton Hill University, it is important to format your email in way that provides information they need so that he or she can act on your message quickly. Some of the tips that Jerz suggests are Write a meaning subject line, Focus on a single action and identify yourself clearly.

There are also some things that you should avoid in writing professional emails. In an article on ThinkSimpleNow.com, a website that provides advice on real-life issues, it is important to keep it simple and as to the point as possible, professionals are busy and don’t have time to read a wordy email. With Facebook and texting it is becoming habit to write in “texting slag”, this something you avoid completely when writing professional emails.

Be a good correspondent. In an article on mindtools.com, a website that provides career advice, it suggests that you check your inbox regularly, it is courteous to return emails in a timely manner. It will encourage others to respond quickly as well. Email can be one of your most useful communication tools, so make sure you are utilizing it properly.


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