Creating a Niche with a Blog

Currently they are 4.1 million blogs around the world with a new blog created every 7.4 seconds, according to a report at the Web 2.0 conference. Blogging is fast becoming a versatile tool for both PR practitioners and businesses. As PR student who will soon be entering the job market, I know how completive it can be out there. The more research I have been doing, the more I am learning how much having a blog can be helpful in making yourself stand out from other candidates. It shows employers your writing style and can display your PR knowledge.

Businesses are also using blogs to make themselves stand out. According a article by Wayne Hurlbert a blog is the becoming the best way to put a face to a company. Blogging provides a way for businesses to communicate with its publics in a conversational style. Hurlbert said, “the more casual, and comparatively unfiltered voice of the blogger creates the image of a business as being composed of real people like you. Instead of being a nameless and faceless corporation, the blog helps the people in the company, to come alive in their posts.” Hurlbert also said how valuable blog can be during a crisis to communicate with consumers and help establish trust.

In a article in Bloomburg Businessweek, some major corporations like Google and Microsoft are even encouraging their staff members to start blogs because employees can form bonds with customers, swap ideas and create loyal audiences. I like when company have blogs as a part of their websites because blogs a way for customers like me to communicate not only with the business but also with other consumers like me. Blogs are making it easy to gain real feedback about a businesses or product.


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