Social Media

In the ever-changing World Wide Web, social media is causing a splash in public relations world. Social media is revolutionizing the way businesses are communicating. No longer are PR practitioners reliant on gatekeepers to get out the word out. They can now release news immediately to its followers via social media sites like Facebook and twitter. According to Computer World UK, Twitter is the most popular social media site used by businesses. It is now common place for celebrities and CEOs to ”tweet” official statements addressing rumors or concerns of stakeholders. Facebook has created two-way communication giving ordinary people platform to comment on organization’s wall, which provides valuable feedback for the organization. Jeremy Pepper, a PR blogger, said “Social media is a great tool for public relations people, especially if you align it to both PR goals and figure out what the ROI (return on investment) is for the client or the company.” A recent study by iPressroom stated that social media efforts are the responsibility of public relations.

Social media has also been a valuable tool in creating interactive gateways for fans to participate in contests and other activities that generate traffic to a business’ page. It has created so many opportunities for PR practitioners that did not exist prior to the social media. As newspaper popularity continues to diminish, social media popularity continues to grow. Lisa Brock of Brock Communications said that she believes that in the future of public relations business and organizations will be the be their own source of news, releasing information directly to their audience. I agree with Brock because it is already happening now that more businesses are now realizing the value of social media.


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