Love Yourself

It sounds corny and easy to do, but so many girls don’t do it. It takes time. In high school I remember thinking how I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. I don’t exactly remember the moment when everything changed for me, but you do feel different. Loving yourself makes you so much more confident, and you feel like “yeah I can do this.”

My friend Alexa is a philosophy major, and she was recently telling me how they learned that good self-esteem comes from having a good support system. I think that’s so is important. My group of friends and always talk about how we’re so obsessed with each, other but  really we just support one another. We talk each other up all the time. It helps when someone believes in you. If you have that one toxic friend who is always bringing you down, get rid of them.

Love yourself! I believe that you should be your #1 fan. It may sound a bit narcissistic but, if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect someone else to?



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